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Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:48 pm
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I wanted to check out some scheduled posts another Imzy user had made, but found that they weren't available. The dreaded 404 pages are popping up now.

I do hope the site is somehow archived. :'( I also hope the staff is doing okay. I can't imagine how they're feeling about all this.
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(saturated isn't the word I want, but it's fled my brain at the moment)

The tea I mentioned in my previous post - I'm thinking of steeping it at home and bringing it with, to cut out a step or three. On the theory of 1 teabag makes an 8oz cup of tea (which theory may be wrong, but it's what I have), I'm assuming I should make it more intense, frex 2 teabags for 8oz hot water.

Any suggestions as to how many I should use? My usual method of making sorbet is to make X quantity of liquid (which varies, but I try to keep it around a pint for ease of mixing) and 1 pint (half pint? generic bottle of water size) unflavored fizzy water. So I know that I want to make it at least twice as strong. (Strong!) but I don't know how much more to have it work with the way freezing diminishes taste.

how to freeze a test batch at home?

Jun. 21st, 2017 06:49 am
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It has been suggested that I make a test batch of the ice cream I'd like to make at home, and bring a "well-tested" recipe to Baitcon. Of course I don't have a tank of LN2 at home. Nor an ice-cream maker. Of concern with this recipe is not the flavor, but its texture after freezing-- Scott tried something similar long ago and reports too many ice crystals. Just sticking it in the freezer is not going to accurately test how the texture would turn out with LN2, right? (This is the point of using LN2?) How do you test ice cream recipes at home?

Warning Sign About Bears

Jun. 21st, 2017 04:37 am
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Found on imgur this evening. Thought I'd share.

(no subject)

Jun. 20th, 2017 06:21 pm
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Brain ebbs and brain flows. Right now, I'm in a good space. More worrisome, I'm on day two or three of a good space, which means my entire life is going to come crashing down like day after tomorrow.

On the plus side I got put on another therapist's waiting list, and I have an appointment on Monday for potential intake/placement. Whee! And I have most of the next two weeks essentially off, which means I'm gonna have fuckall ability to get shit done, of course, because no routine.

Sometimes I can't tell whether I'm being depressed or realistic and it's annoying as hell.

Anywho, a quick todo list for the next few days:
TMC minutes, Pinewoods costuming and packing, apply for all the jobs, maybe work some? Work on my room for suresies. I should probably make some Active Effort on getting my place into some semblance of livable --I'd like to have access to a desk again (especially because then I could reinstate the rule where I'm not allowed to use the lappy in bed which might be good.)

What else...

Last night's dance was _really good_. It was solely dances from books 1-3, which means among other things we got to do the SCD version of the Virginia Reel. (People get annoyed by this sort of thing, which means I go up to both the teacher and the teacher-coordinator and explicitly anti-complain about having weird historical stuff to try).

There were some other really (physically) hard dances too, and the whole thing ended off with Mari's Wedding. This is great, except that my legs hurt and I have a billion hours of squares and rounds today and then highland tomorrow. I look forward to continuing to torment my body (I should do my pushups).

I have made a new friend! It's a new internet friend, which is the _best kind_. His name is Quads (well okay, technically it's something about quadrilaterals, but I started calling him Quads and then he changed his nick to match so I'm going with it) and he's into musical theatre and used to dance. I met him through the most recent incarnation of The Pie Shop, which let me tell you it is so important to my brain to have access to an IRC-like, apparently. Not enough for me to actually get into IRC (because honestly, at least half of the desire is a place to chill with mek), but having a general chatroom to harass people and the like is great.

I should really get into Slack, shouldn't I?

I've also _finally_ put together my Dreamwidth friends list, so I can actually come read over here. This is a good thing! This means I'ma read LONG FORM BLOGGING! And then maybe someday I will comment on LONG FORM BLOGGING and even get more people to do it, damnit.

Dunno. Not too much else to say, but glad to be saying things. This has been a bad year for writing AND LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DEPRESSION GETTING WORSE AND NOT WRITING NOPE.

Hearts and stuff.


(no subject)

Jun. 20th, 2017 05:59 pm
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Edited: There is currently 1 cabin available in the A-or-B row-cabins.
Email or comment here tonight if you want it.

Imzy Merch GIVEAWAY!

Jun. 20th, 2017 05:12 pm
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I was sent a lovely package by Imzy just before the shutdown and it was stuffed full of goodies!

So now I have a few extra bits that I'd like to send to some people who loved Imzy but maybe never got any of the cute merch while it was around.

I have:

Two Imzysaurus plushies
One pair of socks
One pair of gloves
(and some stickers and badges!)

To enter the giveaway just comment below with something you loved about Imzy, and which item you'd prefer if you have a preference and then I'll pick 4 people to send something to!

There is no restriction on location, I am in the UK but I'm happy to send these items to anywhere in the world, you just have to be happy to give me your name and address if you win!

I'll PM the four randomly chosen people on 1st July and then announce the winners once they've all replied!

Request For Help, and Flavor Question

Jun. 19th, 2017 10:03 pm
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a) Request for Help: Neither of our kids is interested in attending Baitcon this year, and so I'd like to possibly line up some help for unpacking the car and setting up the tent. Angus has cancer, partially in his spine, and is limited to 15lbs. (and being in a car no more than an hour at a time, oy.) Much of our camping gear is in units that weigh more than this, so while we have help packing it, we'll need help unpacking and setting up. This will definitely include helping set up the tent, and at least place my folding bed into it, and I'm not sure what else. I can only help in very minor ways, and if Angus does much more than stand and point I will Take Action (tm). We don't have a set time to be there yet (see above about limiting driving time) but our intention is to be there before dark, to make the setting up easier.

We have not heard back from concom about our request to camp up by the kitchen as we did last time, nor about whether the small cabins across the main field from the pavilion is a possibility for us. So this is somewhat nebulous, and my apologies for that.

b) Flavor Question: I've found a flavor of tisane/infusion from Taylors of Harrogate - here's the Amazon link:
The company link didn't have a link to the item, and Amazon's as good as any for a link that shows the box and gives the ingredients without clicking three things.

I've been drinking it, hot and cold, with honey. I'm thinking of bringing it along to make as a sorbet, and I'd like the honey flavor rather than plain sugar, but I don't know how to use honey in making sorbet - does it work instead of sugar, will it freeze properly, etc. Advice, pointers, would be very welcome.
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EDIT: I am adding, the next day, that the owner of the shop has reached out to me, and offered an apology and to try to get to the bottom of what events unfolded outside the store that left me so upset. I will be speaking with him in the next few days and appreciate that they reached out.

Original vent / post:
West Somerville folks - I just had a terrible experience in Teele Square, bad enough that I would like to spread my rage at the proprietor of a local business, the Knight Moves Cafe on Broadway. Please stay far away from this business with kids. If you have any kids who walk to and from the west somerville school, please make sure they steer clear of the business as well.

The proprietor (edit: manager) of this business threatened to call the Somerville police and made my children cry, for the crime of disagreeing over what to get with a few bucks each at the conveience store, and the crime of waiting for me on the sidewalk rather than inside the dry cleaners on the same block, and then choosing to get into my unlocked car with the cold drinks they had bought at the convenience store, while my 5 min errand lasted 15 min because the folks at the dry cleaners were trying to repair a broken zipper for me on a coat I had cleaned out of my closet and intended to donate.

Seriously if you have any choice in ever doing business with them, and support the right of elementary school kids to have a little independence and learn from their disagreements on whether mom said they could get ice cream, I urge you steer clear.

I am FURIOUS at having been confronted for going to the dry cleaners and letting my kids go to the convenience store to enjoy their refreshing cold drinks. And I even like board games and was pleased when they came to town.

I am SURE that plenty of kids the age of mine walk home from WSNS through Teele Square every school day. Yes, even when it's hot out. But if your first grader has an argument with their big sibling in the vicinity of Teele you can expect the police to be called, next time.

(no subject)

Jun. 19th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Here are my plans for the week!

I didn't get called in to substitute, which means today is a Day Off. I set myself three goals for the day (wash hair, call a therapist, apply for a job) and I have completed the first two! I also sent out the survey for the Highland Ball.

Other stuff I might do today includes creating a rough draft of the TMC minutes from our June meeting, and finally getting my shit together about making a DW friends list so I can come back here proper. More immediately, I'm gonna go get some lunch.

a'ight, pasta water's boiling. Carry on, self!

Normal nannying day. Head to MIT after for squaresing. Fuck around MIT from 4ish to 7ish more computer-based stuff? Work on the Highland Ball Bible? Apply for a job, for sursies. Maybe work on a secret project. Go to Squares and dance a lot, then come home and sleep.

Oh, I know, tomorrow's Big Task will be designing the buttons for ESCape

This is where I suddenly stop having a job for a few weeks, because I was gonna go to NYFaerieFest but then...I'm not. Anywho, hopefully I will work at the bananamines in the afternoon. The evening will be the last Highland class until September, gosh!

I'm not technically nannying, but I'm gonna go out and accompany Rbeast and her other nanny to playgroup, for last playgroup. Because I like all the adults there (and also all the kids) dag-nabbit! After, I'm gonna head to Arlington and babysit the little bear while her mother gets work done.

Picnic lunch plans. The morning will involve preparing said picnic lunch, unless I'm really useful Thursday night. Then picnic lunch on the commons with a friend, and maybe bananamines in the afternoon if I'm lucky. Should possibly throw my name out there for general work accessibility. *SHRUGS*

I actually have no plans for the weekend, but I could find a ride to ESC and pack for Pinewoods's and other stuff like that. Also clean my room. Also maybe a social of some sort??

I am taking over RBeastcare on...Wednesday, I think. My planner knows for certain, I'll double-check.
Basically no other plans except "Scavenge work because money" and "prep for Pinewoods".

And that's me!

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Hey all -

Can anyone tell me why my cut tags aren't working?

I've tried both HTML and the Rich Text Editor. It shows the "read more" but then also shows the rest of the post? When I go in to edit, the second </cut> is missing (even though it's there when I'm ready to post).

Ugh. Sorry. 


Jun. 19th, 2017 07:20 pm
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Sadly, I didn't have a phone on hand to try to get a photo.

But I just found out that a startled fox on a London balcony will, if feeling cornered, drop two storeys onto the top of a garden wall, bounce off that onto the ground, land with somewhat less dignity than it had intended but apparently without injury, and trot off hurriedly.

In my defense, I really didn't mean to make the fox feel cornered; it's just that my immediate, automatic response to "unexpected furry cat-sized creature" is "stay still, make crooning noises at it, try to edge a bit closer." Had I fled, it would have been able to go round to the other side of the balcony, where you only have to drop down half a storey to an adjacent roof.

ETA: I can't help noticing that there is a very well-chewed yellow foam ball on my balcony, which I did not put there.

Also, by way of apology, I have left a dish of water out on the balcony, because it is a heatwave.
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I know that you can get free passes from the libraries that are good for a specific day, and I was wondering if anyone had more than they need for any days coming up soon. And I know that members get free passes as well. I would love to go, but can't afford the normal cost.



Jun. 19th, 2017 02:08 pm
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[Two ducklings, one facing the camera and one showing us its fluffy backside.]

Someone left the top gate on our canal lock open today and these two plus their four siblings got stuck at the far end of the lock next to the closed gate. They couldn't scramble out to meet their momma standing on the lock edge. I went out to chivvy her back toward the open gate, and luckily the ducklings trapped in the lock followed her all the way out the gate, which I shut behind them. All seem to be okay if a little peeved with me, and I can take it!
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Over the past few days I was surprised to walk by these three businesses and find them closed. Anyone know when they closed, and why?
  • The Shawarma Place, in Cutter Square (EDIT: moved to 215 Highland Ave)
  • Aguacate Verde, in Wilson Square
  • Union Mart and Subway, in Union Square

Fox update

Jun. 18th, 2017 04:33 pm
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Fox has just turned eight months old.

They are mobile. Oh, so, so mobile. They move very, very fast. Also, they went straight from crawling to working extremely hard at being vertical. Behaviors we have observed include standing on their own for a couple of seconds without holding onto anything, standing indefinitely while holding on with one hand, cruising (holding onto a crib or other edge and walking along it), and-- and this shocked me-- holding onto the crib edge and jumping up and down. They can also move from seated to squatting to standing or vice versa, easily, usually while holding on with one hand. They are clearly going to be walking pretty soon. Apparently the youngest baby documented walking was six months old, so this is early but not ludicrous. It seems that usually babies take some time to settle into crawling and make sure they've gotten good at it before focusing effort on walking this way? Not Fox. Fox wants to be UP.

We have had our first major trip with the baby, which involved driving from Boston to the D.C. area, spending a week with B., and driving back. Fox was pretty much fine with all the driving and a little weirded out by the new place-- it took a couple of days for them to be able to nap there, for instance. At B.'s, they developed a very specific 'chasing-the-cat' noise, as B.'s place has many long straightaways and lines-of-sight where they could just take off after the kitty. (Our place does not.) They had no hope of catching her, and the kitty is already putting up with a Pomeranian and an elderly Border Collie, so she seemed thoroughly resigned. We appreciated her patience a great deal.

New behaviors: within the past week Fox has started getting upset when someone they know leaves the room. Leaving the room is Just Not Allowed. We try to explain to them where we are going, what we are doing, and when we expect to be back, but it is too early for this to help much.

Fox has started sitting for stretches of up to twenty minutes at a time with a single board book, turning the pages, looking at and poking the illustrations, and chewing on the corners. It is adorable. They also crawl under their bouncy seat with a pile of books every so often.

We have only just started solid food, because they got a nasty cold at the wrong time and we didn't want to try introducing solids while they were on an intrusive and aggravating nebulized-medicine-through-a-mask treatment. Rice cereal gave them significant stomach upset, which is peculiar; oat cereal and unsweetened applesauce seem to go down better, although Fox's reaction to solid food is shock, betrayal, and confusion no matter what the food is. They're at the stage where they'll eagerly watch us eating and put small pieces of food in their mouth, but once it's there the switch flips to NO NO NO NO NO. Hopefully this will change soon, as the doctor says that at this height and weight (two feet four inches, eighteen pounds) they simply cannot get all their necessary nutrition from formula.

I've seen evidence of the babble syllabary broadening, and about two days ago they learned how to flap their lips with a finger and say 'Phhhhpppth'. If they do this in your direction, you are supposed to do it back, and one can have very long conversations this way. We are also getting more communication along the lines of holding arms up to be picked up (or not; if we ask 'do you want to be picked up?' and don't get arms up we don't pick them up, since gesturing for yes is now consistent enough that that works), and we're getting things like pats on the face that are clearly affectionate. B.'s new partner T. taught Fox how to kiss people on the cheek and it seems to have actually stuck.

They are learning how to use their voice generally, and I have asked [personal profile] gaudior on several occasions if they are aware that they gave birth to a pterodactyl. The pterodactyl screech is loud and unmistakable.

They are still focused on people more than on anything else, and need to at least say hello to everyone in the room before even considering the presence of objects. Pets get about the same amount of interest as humans, and about the same degree of gentleness, which is usually gentle enough that they can pet pets without them fleeing for the hills-- at least for a while.

Overall, an exceptionally happy, outgoing, cheerful sort of baby, who is obviously working very hard at understanding and interacting with the world. I think things are going pretty well.

drifting fires of orange flowers

Jun. 18th, 2017 01:41 pm
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First ripe raspberry of the year was today, June 18, one day later than last year.

May flowers were purple and pink. The last week of May and the first week of June I have almost no flowers. Then starting in June I have orange and yellow from the daylilies and coreopsis. There's been a ton of rain lately which the gardens have loved. The weeds have also loved it, too. Yesterday I weeded some places that had gotten a little out of hand, including the painted sidewalk. I'd thought that the paver base and sand was supposed to keep stuff from growing there, but I guess some weeds don't need much.

I planted some chard plants late and just transplanted some teeny squash plants from the compost. They've gotten a late start but are still alive. I'll see if they're still around next month.

Orange lilies half blooming.

Where are these bridges?

Jun. 17th, 2017 10:13 pm
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Four photos from a very old folder. Based on the date, I'm fairly sure I took them on the flight home to Boston from attending Minicon in Minneapolis with [profile] silentmachine. But I can't find any record of that flight so I don't know what stopover city I might've gone through. Click on the image to see all four photos; do you recognize those bridges?

Edit: Commenters have identified the first bridge as the Throgs Neck Bridge and the second one as the Verazzano Narrows Bridge (both in NYC).

BC27: The Pre-Con Info Dump

Jun. 17th, 2017 03:49 pm
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Baitcon 27 starts next Friday!

Registration will close at 6p.m. on Wednesday, June 21st .
There's no un-pre-registered attendance allowed, but we'd really like to see you, so please contact us before then if there's a chance you're coming but aren't registering for some reason or another.

Please be sure that you & anyone attending with you has shared any relevant dietary or medical allergy info with us by tomorrow.

Whether you are new to Baitcon or a seasoned attendee, please be sure you review the information on the following pages via the website ( ) before you arrive. We'd like you to go look around and read more than just these, if possible, but at LEAST these. :)
-> What to Bring
-> Mosquitos, Ticks and (no) Bears, Oh My!
-> Take Tick Prevention Seriously
-> The Rules

You are welcome to arrive any time after 2p. on Friday.
Check out the Arrivals & Parking Information as well as Directions to Baitcon on the website.

The Abode has again requested a signed waiver of liability from all attendees. We will have these at the Welcome tent and you’ll be asked to read & sign one when you arrive.

We’ll also ask you to sign the Baitcon Book (in fact, I'll hector you mercilessly about it) – but that is just because we want to have an accurate headcount, and to read your awesome & witty comments, and I really like having all the past books as a souvenir.

Do you need a ride to or from Baitcon? Can you provide one? Sadly the ride-board's pretty much toast, so please post on DW, FB, Suspects, or similar, seeking or offering.

Want to figure out what is likely to be served for meals & snacks? We have a Menu posted on the website and it will be posted on site as well.

If you’ve shared allergy info with us, please know that we will be sure there are food choices that work for you at each meal.

Planning to make some ice cream? We sure hope so!
We would especially like to encourage you to look at some Prince-themed flavors. There's at least one Raspberry Sorbet being planned now, but Kimberly's certain you can come up with more purple fabulousness.

You can visit the Pre-Con Ice Cream Advice page if you need some pointers or the Flavor List from previous years if you want/need inspiration. (The flavor list is actually in need of major maintenance but there's still a lot of useful suggestions there.)

Are you wondering what sort of fun can be had at Baitcon? Well, as we’ve long said, Baitcon is what YOU make it. The site is wonderful and there will be more than 110 awesome folks of all ages around to help make all kinds of Merriment.

Last but not least, we could use a more volunteers for meal prep, meal service, as well as having a need for pot scrubbers. If you’re interested and available, please contact us via email before Wednesday or talk to Tamar on site.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email to info dash 2017 at baitcon dot org ASAP. We’ll be reading & replying to email through Wednesday the 21st but after that we can’t guarantee a response as we’ll be rolling towards the mountain.

See you soon!


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