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2017-04-05 09:08 am
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To delete your LJ

If you're looking to delete your old Livejournal posts now that you've moved to Dreamwidth and LJ continues to pile on the suck, I've written an honestly kinda crappy tool that does the job:


It's repurposed from ljdump and it walks all your journal entries and sets the subject, body, and various metadata fields to "wiped". If someone would like to improve it (there's a TODOs list at the bottom), patches are welcome.

If you find or write another tool to do this, please feel free to link to it in comments.
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2017-04-04 07:26 pm
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Auth'ing to LJ API?

Has anyone had success recently in authenticating to LiveJournal's API? In particular I'm trying to use the getevents call with cookie auth, but all I get is this:

curl http://www.livejournal.com/interface/flat -H "X-LJ-Auth: cookie" -H "Cookie: ljsession=$LJ_COOKIE" -d "ver=1&mode=getevents&user=$LJ_USER&auth_method=cookie"

Invalid password

(I'm trying to write a script to go back through my LJ posts, and for each one replace the contents with the string "deleted" and then delete the post. I stopped crossposting a month or two back and now it's time to clear my history there as best I can...)

ETA: "clear" auth (plaintext username and password) works. Hashtag YOLO. (It's not like any of this was over HTTPS anyhow so whatever. I'll just change the password later.)

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2016-11-26 09:52 am

A plea to LJ users: Cross-post from Dreamwidth, pretty please?

I really, really want to move off of Livejournal. Here's my vision:

  1. My friends make Dreamwidth accounts and post there instead, set to crosspost to LJ.
  2. Eventually everyone's posts are on both sites.
  3. Then we stop using LJ, since everyone is on DW as well.

(Why do I want to stop using LJ? Well, I don't want my private journal posts going over plain HTTP instead of HTTPS, where anyone in the café, ISP, and massive government surveillance apparatus can read them; Livejournal feels like it could die at any time and take the community with it; Livejournal's owners are sketchy and tight-lipped and I don't know who is being given access to my journal.)

So would you consider making a DW account?

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Set up crossposting to LJ
  3. Optional: Create access filters that match the names of your LJ access filters (otherwise cross-posts will just be friends-locked)
  4. Post so that people know your new account name!

I'm "timmc" on Dreamwidth. Friend me and let me know who you are!

DW is still rolling out TLS, so the crosspost link is still HTTP -- but for people using the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension, you'll be redirected to HTTPS when you click it.